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AutoTrader: Attract More Buyers for you car Selling your car can be quite an under taking. Services like Craigslist and eBay can be difficult at best. The guys at Auto Trader make the process easy and will make it possible for you to make more profit. many of my readers say how will I make more if I have to pay to list my car for sale. Well its simple most sellers are not getting their car truck or SUV to the attention of serious buyers. I know from first hand experience that craigslist brings out all the dregs with credulous trade offers and people looking to haggle or just plain wasting your time. The last vehicle i listed on eBay was won by a Zero feedback bidder who was just bidding for fun and eBay offered no help at all in blocking such activity and made the process of getting a refund for the ended listing refunded when there was no sale. It is very frustrating and that’s why I recommend auto trader.

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